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The founding of Jonathan's Kid's Club
The JKC ministry was something that neither of us had envisioned. It seems that actions of two little boys, one age five in Sierra Leone, West Africa and the other age six in Key West, Florida would drag us into it.  Looking back over the years and seeing all God has done through the JKC , Pastor Lewisham and I have come to understand that this was God's plan. The JKC ministry has become a shining light in the poorest country on earth.
It all started when a little boy was brought to Pastor Lewisham's church for prayer. We came to know little guy as Little Pastor James. 
Little Pastor James age 5
Little Pastor James School Clothes
Jonathan Dehart

Little Pastor James, age 5. Little Pastor James on his first day at school. Jonathan Dehart Age 6

Little Pastor James at 1st Christmas Party
Little Pastor James 1st Christmas

Joshua Raymond Shockley at the hospital His mother is the woman to the left

Joshua Raymond Shockley
Joshua Raymond Shockley 1st day in school

Joshua Raymond Shockley 1st day of school

Lewisham Abu
Lewisham Abu later

Pastor Lewisham & Abu, whom the Rebel forces had chopped off his leg. His mother & father died in the civil war.

Pastor Lewisham & Abu. Abu in in Bible College studying for the ministry.

Lewisham Liberria

Pastor Lewis Lewisham early ministry         Pastor Lewisham in Liberia

A Child soldier in Sierra Leone

Kids Saying thank you for their Bibles
Feeding Children in Sierra Leone
       Feeding ChildrenThe JKC                                                                The JKC Kids saying thank you!

Lewisham & Abu

This is Little Pastor James when we first meet him. He is five. After being healed of epileptic seizures he gave himself the Christian name of "Little Pastor James." He had named himself after Pastor James Lewisham. His parents had been killed by the Islamic rebels. He was living with his grandmother at the time. Shortly after his grandmother died. Pastor Lewisham went to look for him. He found him living with a foster mother. He was not at home when Pastor Lewisham arrived. His foster mother said that Little Pastor James would go from hut to hut looking for people to pray for. God was answering his prayers. Pastor Lewisham felt that he was a special young man. He approached me about helping to put him in school.
We raised the money to put Little Pastor James in School. That was just the beginning. We now have 10 children that we sponsor for school. It takes $150.00 a year to buy their school clothes, school supplies and fees. There is no free education in Sierra Leone. This small sum is far beyond the reach of most of the children in Sierra Leone. There are other children who need help for school.
Little Pastor James Praying
Little Pastor James 1st day of school

The second little boy partially responsible for starting JKC is Jonathan Dehart. This is a picture of Jonathan at about six-years-old.(Photo) Not long after turning six, Jonathan came out of his room and informed his mommy that Jesus told him to send Bibles to Africa. Jonathan' s mother, Murreanch, who was the church secretary at the time, asked Jonathan if he was sure Jesus wanted him to send Bibles to children in Africa.  Jonathon answered, " Yes, mommy, Jesus wants me to send Bibles to children in Africa."  Murreanch replied, " OK, we will take the price of a Bible out of your allowance each month and send it to a child in Africa. Let' s talk to the pastor about it."  I suggested that we send the first one to Little Pastor James, which we did. From that simple act of obedience of a six-year-old child , Jonathan's Kids Club was born. I told Pastor Lewisham what we were doing. I ask him to send me some names of other children that we could send Bibles to.

After sending several Bibles to the children in Sierra Leone, Pastor Lewisham informed me that he had started a special club for the children. He named it after Jonathan, Jonathan = s Kids Club. He had 26 members in it. I decided that I would throw them a Christmas party. I shipped a number of Children's DVDs, each having a special message. We sent enough money to feed them and give each a Christmas present to take home with them. This was the first Christmas party most had ever been to and the first Christmas gift they had ever received. Ninety-eight children came! Many were from Muslim families. The Jonathan's Kids Club Christmas party is now an annual event.
JKC Christmas Party
JKC Christmas Party
Not long after the party, the JKC had another dimension added to it. One day Pastor Lewisham was walking by the river that is near his home. There was a little boy, age five, bathing in the river; he was there with his mother. The little boy' s scrotum was grossly swollen, and he was in pain. Pastor asked the mother, " What is the matter with your baby?"   To which she replied, A I do not know. I am a Muslim, since I have been Muslim no one has ever treated me right. I have not taken him to the doctor. I am having trouble getting food for him to eat. When he passes water, he cries and falls down.  "Pastor Lewisham took a photo and sent it to me. When I saw the photo, I was simply shocked. I turned off my computer, went over and lay tear upon my couch, and asked God what should I do?  A few minutes later, I turned my computer back on, and sent out an email to my mailing list explaining the need. Someone wrote, " Have the Pastor take him to a doctor. Let' s find out what we are dealing with."  Which we did. His swelling was being caused by a hernia. Without an operation to fix it, this child was going to die soon. We found out the cost and raised the needed funds. The operation was a success.
His mother told Pastor Lewisham that her child had always wanted to go to a Christian church. She gave her heart to Jesus, and she and her son began to attend Pastor Lewisham's church. Now that they were Christians, her son needed a Christian name. So she named him Joshua Raymond Shockley. We put Joshua Raymond Shockley in school.  That was just the beginning. To date we have paid for at lease 15 more operations. You may wonder why there are so many hernias. Their nutrition is so poor that their bodies literally tear themselves apart.
Mariatu Receiving Bible
Joshua R Shockley 1st Bible

Joshua Raymond Shockley receiving a Bible -                                Joshua's Mother receiving a Bible

The JKC is an ongoing ministry reaching out to the disadvantaged children of Sierra Leone. It is having a profound effect.  It came into being because two little boys five and six, one in Africa and the other in Key West, Florida decided to follow Jesus. Their actions set into motion a chain of events that has saved and changed lives.
Now our story turns to
 Pastor Lewisham Aghoghovwia
Without him nothing would have taken place.
I will let him tell you his story, I was dedicated to the Lord by my mother before I was born. My mother made a vow to the Lord after her first son that if the Lord gave her another son she would give him to the Lord for all the days of his life. 
I grew up to be a musician and a soccer player. In 1989, I fell ill with consumption and I was rushed to the hospital, while in the hospital bed, I prayed for the Lord to heal me and promised to serve the Lord all the days of my life as my mother has vowed. 
When I left the hospital, after one month and two weeks, I carried out my promise by giving my life to Jesus Christ. I was later baptized and after a year I enrolled into a bible school where I graduated with a diploma in biblical studies and missions
In 1992, I would start my first pastoral work in Delta State of Nigeria while still in school and later moved to Lagos State also in Nigeria where I pastured a local church till 1997. God spoke to me while fasting and praying on my knees. God gave me a mandate to A GO AND CHALLENGE AS MANY WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME  - The Lord also spoke to me that He was sending me to a new land where he will not have scarcity of bread and that He will send me to the East and the Far East but I will be smitten for His name sake. 
Child Soldier in Sierra Leone
In 1997 November, I set out on my first missionary journey to Liberia West Africa; there I worked for six months. I came to Freetown in the midst of the war by road and it was such a terrible journey. I saw a lot of things on the way that would have made a faint hearted man to give up but I pressed on knowing fully well that God is with me. I saw a human skull carried on a stick by rebels for the first time in my life. I had one particular scaring incident when the rebels stopped our bus we were in for checking. There was argument between the driver and one of the rebels which annoyed them. They cocked their guns to shoot at us, we all had to run into the bush. I was in particular danger with a kid of about six years holding an AK 45 gun and was ready to shoot at the command of their commander. It took the intervention of their most senior rebel before we could proceed.
After that I was set on going to Gambia; I went by road and arrived Sierra Leone in May 1998. While sleeping on the fourth night in Freetown, the Lord spoke to me that I was to stay in Sierra Leone to do His work. I obeyed the Lord until the rebels invaded Freetown in 1999 but God protected me. 
In the 2000, just after few months when the rebels were driven out of Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone, British women in the UK sent me 200 pounds to help me with food and up keep as we were in the midst of the ten years rebel war. I sat down to think of what I will use the money for, suddenly the thought of feeding and clothing kids who are displaced, hungry and have lost their parents came to mind. I mobilized my church members to go in search of such kids and they were able to gather 75 of them whom they fed and gave gifts to. Since then I have never looked back. I have been involved in feeding those that are amputated, underprivileged, poor, orphans and the vulnerable in Sierra Leone."
Your invitation to become a Friend of Jonathon's Kids Club
In telling you how the JKC came into being, I am hoping it will help you understand what we are trying to do. It may not surprise you when you find out my motive for telling you this story. Pastor Lewisham and I am hoping and praying that God will touch your heart and move you with compassion to help us. It is a faith ministry; God must provide all of the money it takes for this ministry to be able to bless the children of Sierra Leone, who have so very little. I have found that God loves to use people. It may be that he will want to use you. There is no great honor than being chosen to be a channel for God's blessing to flow through. 
JKC KIds Christmas 2016 with New Bbles

We sent our first Bible October 19, 2008. What a blessing it has been to be a part of this ministry. The above was taken Christmas 2016. It is children getting a new Bible.

I invite you to join with the Friends of Jonathan' s Kids Club. You can make a difference. If you listen carefully, you may hear the still small voice of God inside of your heart calling you to serve the weakest of his children. If you would like to help, you may donate on-line. If you would like to send a check , make it payable to the Key West Church of God and mail it to 1419 White St. Key West, Fl 33040 USA. Be sure to write in the memo JKC.  If you give on-line, send an email informing me what you have given and what it is for. Not one penny of your gift goes to building or administration costs. It is all given as you have instructed. Only the PayPal & Western Union fees are deducted.

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