Meet Pastor Patrick Ochoki of Ogembo, Kenya!

Here he is with people of his village listening to Moments in Bible Prophecy on shortwave radio. Pastor Patrick walked a whole day to reach an Internet cafe to send me an email to let me know what was happening in his village. The people were meeting at his house each morning before going into their fields to work in order to listen to Moments in Bible Prophecy.
Welcome to Moments in Bible Prophecy's Missions Section. 

I have had a passion for world missions from the beginning of my ministry. 

For more than 25 years I served as an international Evangelist, holding crusades and Bible Prophecy Seminars. 

In 1993, Moments in Bible Prophecy went on the air. 

Because of its shortwave broadcasts, it was not long until mail was coming from all over the world. 

Many of these letters were with invitations to visit their churches. As the doors opened and God made provision I began to visit them.
Here on the mission’s page I am going to highlight some of the Pastors that I have visited and am currently supporting in some fashion. 

It is my hope that as you meet these men and their churches you will want to help me in supporting the work that God has given them to do. 

All of them live in impoverished areas and endure hardships in order to minister to their people. 

I am often asked, 

“How do you know these men are real?” 

Two of the men I will highlight I have personally traveled to their homes, preached in their churches, eaten with them and observed them as they ministered to their people. 

I know them to be real and worthy of support. 

They live in mud huts and adobe brick houses that they have built with their own hands. 

Mostly travel by foot, no million dollar mansions here, no fancy cars, they often have nothing but blood, sweat & tears as they serve God.

The third Pastor I have known for several years, and together we have begun The Jonathan’s Kids Club in Sierra Leone, Africa. 

As you click on their respective link you will learn about them, you will be inspired by them, you will be able to experience their culture and you may just decide to help them. 

If you do, you can donate to their ministry through Moments in Bible Prophecy. 

Nothing you give toward one of these pastors is used for anything but their support.  
After the three pastor’s section you will see flags and name of different countries. 

Clicking on them will lead you the photo galleries of our mission trips or actives in the respective countries. 

You will meet other pastors and churches. 

Those we have not been able to physically visit, our radio program has reached them or they have found our website, many requesting and receiving Bibles and CDs of our ministry.

Some of Our Mission Pages are Under Construction!

Check back frequently for more updates

Story coming soon...

Sandie Kantolomba

Agoghovwia Lewisham

The Story of Jonathan’s Kid’s Club and Pastor Lewisham Aghoghovwia - by Raymond L Shockley

Before I tell you about this special man, I want to tell you what brought Pastor Lewisham and me together and what led to the founding of the Jonathon’s Kid’s Club (JKC). My radio program, Moment is in Bible Prophecy, had reached Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa via World Harvest Shortwave. Pastor Lewisham heard the program and became a regular listener. He wrote me, and we began corresponding regularly. Through his efforts Moments in Bible Prophecy began broadcasting on a local FM station in Freetown. Thus, began our friendship...
Story coming soon...

Patrick Bange Ochoki

Reverend R. L. Shockley's Mission Trips & Supported Ministries Around the World

Each of the flags are links to a country that Pastor Shockley has been involved in or has ministered in. There are three special Pastors that Moments in Bible Prophecy actively supports. We would like to tell you their story. It is our hope that God will teach someone's heart to help in supporting their ministries. All of them live in very difficult areas. All of them are effective servants of God. I know them all personally two of them I have had the privilege of visiting them
(click the flags to see pictures from his missionary activities and trips)


Sierra Leone













Trinidad & Tabogo




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