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Update on Voice of Hope Africa #1 & #2.

On October 3, 2016 Moments of Bible Prophecy will begin airing on Voce of Hope - Africa #1 at 9680 KHz - Mon - Fri 7:45 A.M.Central African Time or UTC time 0545 - Covering  Central  & Southern Africa

Voice of Hope - Africa #2 at 4965 KHz covering West Africa Mon - Fri 6:45 A.M. Central African Time or UTC time 0445

I want to thank you who made the first month on the Voice of Hope possible. We need your help to continue broadcasting on Voice of Hope.  Many of those who will be able to hear our program live on less than a dollar a day.  Many live in areas where going to church has become dangerous and a shortwave radio is one of there few options for hearing the Gospel. Please consider helping us to take the Gospel to the people of Africa.

Your Friend in Christ,

Raymond L Shockley


Dear Friends, 

I have something I am very excited to share with you.  I am now in my fifth year in the ministry. This month, “Moments in Bible Prophecy,” which features my teaching ministry, celebrates its twenty-third anniversary. Since its beginnings it has grown to be an international ministry, being heard throughout the world.

For several years I have been praying that God would open a new door for Moments in Bible Prophecy covering the continent of Africa. This past week the door opened. I received an email from a friend of mine who owns our Internet station, asking me if I would be interested in placing "Moments in Bible Prophecy" on two shortwave stations owned by Strategic Communication Group. He told me that these two stations, Voice of Hope - Africa One & Two, have the best coverage available for Africa. You can see coverage map next to this letter. When you look at it, I hope you will feel just as excited as I am. Just think, from the comfort and safety of our homes and my office, that doubles as a radio production studio we can go into the entire world. Jesus gave us the "Great Commission." It was a command to take the Gospel to every creature and it was given to every believer. Mar 16:15 KJV "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature ." Please help me pray for the ability to enter this door!

With the rise of ISIS and radical Islam, it has become very dangerous to be a Christian in certain parts of Africa, let alone a missionary.  In many places it has become very difficult to have a church or worship openly. In places like that, radio may become the best and only option. I have borrowed a set of talking points on the value of Shortwave from the website of Voice of Hope website. http://www.voiceofhope.com/shortwave.html


1. Transcends political barriers and government restrictions

2. Transcends religious barriers and cultural opposition

3. Transcends geographical barriers (e.g. deserts, mountains, jungles, islands, etc.) overcomes illiteracy

supplements and supports the work of Christians on the field reaches masses of people simultaneously

enables listeners to experience the reality of the Gospel in the privacy and safety of their own home or car

4. It provides the most cost-effective means of reaching mass audiences with limited or no access to the Internet.

5. It can be heard on inexpensive receivers available in every country. It can provide news & information when local infrastructure is destroyed by natural disasters (hurricane, earthquake, etc.) It allows Strategic Communications Group’s Voice of Hope radio stations to facilitate local church planting, and in remote areas where churches do not exist, to serve as the "local church."

Take the coverage map and turn it upside down the coverage loops of the two stations taken together remind me of a "keyhole." That reminds me of this verse Rev 3:8 KJV "I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: . . ." I see before me a great door of ministry, if God will provide me a key that will open that door.

I know you are wondering what the key is that will open such a door. It is having enough money to pay the bill. I ask Joe, my friend to make them an offer for airing on average 26 programs a month on Voice of Hope - Africa One & Two of $650. Then I prayed for God to give me favor. Joe got back with me the first of this week. He told me that it was way under their normal rate but they would do it. I also told them I do not have the support for that amount and I would have to see if God would raise up people who would help me . For me to go on the Voice of Hope Africa One & Two, God must raise up supporters or partners that will commit to donating to this open door. When I have the support that adds up to $650.00 per month, then I will have the Key to open this very value door of ministry.

Would you in this dark time help me to send the light of God’s Word into Africa? If God has touched your heart to help us, please write or email, informing of what you by God’s grace intend to do? You may donate by filling out the form under the coverage map.. If you will be writing a check please make it payable to the Key West Church of God. Thank you and God bless you!

Your Friend in Christ,

Raymond L Shockley

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